It's the answer
that needs to be questioned.

Be a game-changer

Everyone is born ordinary,
it's what we do that makes us extraordinary.

Be a game-changer

We want time travellers,
who learn from the past,
act in the present and create the future.

Be a game-changer

The future has many possibilities.
What can you imagine?

Be a game-changer

One world, different perspectives.
Where do you stand?

Be a game-changer

Do you believe in multiple realities?

Be a game-changer

Join us, be a game-changer!

In today's dynamic and ever-changing world, the services which PwC offers are also growing and innovating. We welcome talent from all backgrounds (including STEM and arts) to join us, particularly for our Graduate or Internship Programmes. See how our people are being game-changers in their daily work!


Experienced Professionals

At PwC, we offer the opportunity of a life time. We know that to be successful you want to work with great people and enjoy great times. You are inspired by the opportunity to work with 223,000 people across 157 countries and to be the best you can. Our role is to empower you to shape the future of global business. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced professional, your future starts here. Explore our career opportunities and discover where your talent could take you.

Campus Programme

Graduate programme
  • Bachelor or Master students who graduate in 2017
  • Bachelor or Master students who will graduate in 2018
Students from all disciplines are welcome, regardless of what major they're in.
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Internship programme
  • Penultimate year bachelor students
  • 1st year Master students (of a 2-year programme)
  • 2nd year Master students (of a 3-year programme)
Students from all disciplines are welcome, regardless of what major they're in.
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  • Bachelor students who are in their final year and have been accepted to a Master’s programme starting September 2018
  • 1st year Master degree students starting their studies in September 2017

Students from all disciplines are welcome, regardless of what major they’re in.

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Discover your opportunity

Assurance deals with so much more than the numbers. Be on the team that understands every aspect of the client's business from the inside out, identifying where auditing can add genuine value and helping build sustainable trust between our clients, institutions and society at large.

You'll learn to see beyond the obvious, developing real insight into markets, technology, people and management, as well as finances, collaborating with colleagues and clients to provide informed opinions that truly matter.

If you enjoy a big-picture approach, establishing valuable relationships and having access to the inner workings of complex organizations, you may find Assurance is the right path for you.

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Make the big deals happen. In deals, you could play a vital role in the strategy and execution of major mergers and acquisitions, helping clients find and strike the right deals for smarter expansion in China. As a new graduate, gain exposure to a scale, volume, and diversity of deals unlike any other firm.

You’ll put to use a broad range of technical skills and industry knowledge, commercial and market awareness, and your natural curiosity to offer end-to-end integrated strategy and support to some of the largest and most interesting deals in the world.

If you have an inquisitive mind and enjoy working around high-stakes, high-profile negotiations, you'll find yourself right at home in Deals.

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Work closely with the brightest minds in the industry, across private and public sectors, to solve China and the world's most complex business challenges. As a graduate consultant, you'll bring fresh insights and motivation to address whatever problems your client may face, from strategy to implementation.

You'll be exposed to a full range of issues and industries that allow you to play a part in shaping the future of China and the world – from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to financial services, energy and so much more – building core skills, exploring your interests and finding your perfect fit within our Consulting practices.

If you like working on a tight-knit team to help others solve their most difficult problems, Consulting might be just what you're looking for.

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From advising on government policies, free trade zones, and legal services to multinational company entry strategies, Tax is far more than just taxes. You’ll have access to a variety of professionals, helping high-profile businesses, entrepreneurs, public and private clients balance competing priorities and resources to create high-performing businesses that set the pace for the industry.

You'll be part of a business that's proactively engaging in the tax policy debate, focusing on leading views and new ideas, learning to be agile and ready to build strong relationships, networks and leadership skills along the way.

If you’re creative, entrepreneurial, and are interested in tackling a broad range of work in an industry where change is the only constant, Tax is the perfect place for you.

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Risk Assurance is about anticipating and responding to the risks clients are vulnerable to every single day. From cybersecurity and technological risks to financial and environmental concerns, your job is to help clients make better-informed decisions in safeguarding their interests within today’s complex operating environment.

You’ll be exposed to an ever-increasing range of services and opportunities across regulatory, compliance and internal controls, looking beneath the surface to understand and manage risk across entire business processes and operations.

If you’re a curious thinker who enjoys problem solving and making an impact in an evolving profession, Risk Assurance might be just the right fit for you.

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