Raymond Mieszaniec Risk Assurance Associate

Which university did you go to? What was your major?Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I majored in Economics and minored in Mathematics.

What did you learn during your first year at PwC?During my first year at PwC I was able to take part in various Data Assurance engagements. Within this period I was able to learn journal entries testing analysis where I utilized data audit technical languages to carry out computer assisted audit techniques in search of strange or fraudulent activity. Furthermore, I was able to provide banking system change reviews, compliance review services, as well as information technology general control reviews within financial audit and non-audit OAS engagements.

How would you describe what you do every day on the job?Any given day would include sharing and collaborating with colleagues within different settings, whether it be within our own office or one of our clients.

What interests you most at work?As I passionately studied statistical modeling and data analysis within university, the engagements within Data Assurance peak my interest the most. Here we are given the opportunity to both learn and apply data analysis techniques as well as how to create vivid visualizations with data visualization software.

What was the most adventurous or memorable thing you have done in the last year?I was able to go to Taiwan and visit various places, including Jiu Fen, which inspired the setting of one of my favourite Japanese animations “Spirited Away”.

To you, how does the ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ apply to working at PwC?To me, the ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ refers to the endless mentoring we receive during our work seasons as well as the numerous friends you make both within and outside your line of service.

What are some key things that have helped you achieve your career goals at PwC?The vast amount of supportive people within the company who have always been willing to take time out of their own day to both teach me new skills as well as coach me through career decisions.

What do you value most about your experience at PwC?What I value most at PwC is the amount of positive and supportive individuals you can meet and collaborate with to make your experience worthwhile. This goes anywhere from building a network with fellow colleagues to gaining multiple mentors to look up to and seek advice from. I appreciate the willingness of experienced staff to act as coaches and help you discover the path of which you want to continue on for your future.

Can you tell us some ways PwC has provided support to you as a graduate in terms of employee wellbeing? PwC starts everyone off in a “Your Future Starts Here” programme, where we are able to learn the soft-skills, etiquette, and values of a successful PwC professional. This program not only gave us insight on how to handle difficult situations on the job, but also brought us new joiners together to build our first network base within the firm across different lines of services.

What have you learned and how is it helpful to your job? Can you give us an example?What I have learned from my initial training and integration into PwC was that building long-lasting relationships and expanding your network is a key component to a successful career and an enjoyable life. This is helpful because these relationships may give you a diverse range of individuals to seek help from whenever something falls out of your expertise, or in terms of building relationships with clients, we are able to both retain or gain new clients from the people we’ve met in the past.