Stephen Shi Deals Associate

What did you learn during your first year at PwC?PwC provided a solid foundation to develop my technical skills starting my career in the Valuations Team and I've learnt that team spirit and collaboration is vital in completing a project.

How would you describe what you do every day on the job?Excel modelling and data analysis.

What interests you most at work? Application of what I studied in university (financial knowledge) into valuation.

What was the most adventurous or memorable thing you have done in the last year? There was a Deals Basketball Cup where different basketball enthusiasts competed - my team won the champion.

To you, how does the ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ apply to working at PwC? PwC provides us with great resources to learn from and develop over time. We are also encouraged to grow at a suitable pace with appropriate assistance from seniors. There is also a clear career path for promotion as long as we perform well.

What are some key things that have helped you achieve your career goals at PwC?In a firm where things happen so quickly, self-motivation and fast learning skills are essential in order to keep up with the ever changing world.

What do you value most about your experience at PwC?

  • the access to different kinds of projects
  • the exposure to the need of varied financial skills
  • flexible working environment

Can you tell us some ways PwC has provided support to you as a graduate in terms of employee wellbeing?PwC’s well-developed orientation programme, guidance from career coaches and job coaches, helpful colleagues, organised supporting departments, efficient and helpful HR staff all helped my transition from campus to the workplace.