Great people
and great times

At PwC you’ll meet, make friends with, and work with some of the smartest, most diverse and endlessly fascinating people around.

Great people, great times

Work alongside truly inspiring people as part of an inclusive, supportive culture that values teamwork and puts employee well being first. Our teaming culture ensures that our people not only build meaningful relationships across levels and offices but also form lasting friendships that extend far beyond the workplace. Be inspired by the people you will be working with whether they'd be your senior or peers. What we find at PwC is that we are constantly learning from each other because each individual brings diverse knowledge and experience. And as our experience grow, we become respected professionals who help our clients solve important problems.

Cathy Huang Assurance Partner
Orange Liu Risk Assurance Associate

" 'Great People, Great Times' at PwC means that PwC provides a solid platform that helps to shape us and develop us into real professionals. On this platform, we experience a journey of learning and growing together. At each stage of my career, I have been inspired by colleagues more experienced than myself."

-- Cathy Huang, Partner, Assurance

"I think that PwC is great in terms of helping talented employees, because I feel the firm’s full support in what we do. Our team is like a big family, or like a class in school. We get along very well, for example, our Partner is like a headmaster, Senior Managers are our class teachers, while Senior Associates are our class prefects. We get along with each other well and complete our tasks together. We have all become very close friends."

-- Orange Liu, Associate, Risk Assurance

What this means for your PwC experience

Flexible work environment In a truly flexible work environment individuals and teams decide together how and where work gets done. That's why PwC offers a truly flexible environment where individual goals are respected as much as professional goals, and contribution is measured by results, not by the number of hours you spend in the office. We offer flexible work arrangements – from telecommuting and flexible hours to nursing rooms for working mothers – based on the needs of the individual, the team and the client.
Commitment to diversity and individuality We value differences and similarities of our people. We know that when diverse people and teams work together, we create the most value for our clients, people and society. We respect your individuality because we understand that your perspectives are important to help us solve today's most complex problems.
We lead gender empowerment and as a corporate IMPACT champion for UN Women's HeForShe solidarity movement, we have committed to developing a male-focused gender curriculum with global reach, launching a Global Inclusion Index to further increase women in leadership roles and raising the profile of HeForShe globally.
We celebrate diversity in the widest definition and we are passionate about inclusion, where everyone feels accepted for who they are and are supported to reach their full potential.
Join our PwC family It's not all about work. At PwC, we like to spend time with each other both at work and socially. Once you join PwC, it will feel like you've joined a big family. We work together but we also have great fun outside of work too. From soccer to badminton, from our annual 'We Got Talent' competition to leisure gatherings, there are lots of activities to choose from. You will be able to make lifelong friends and build your network with likeminded people.