Unlock what the
world has to offer

Work in parallel with over 223,000 people across 157 countries, gaining access to the local, regional and international knowledge our clients need.

Unlock the world

Can you imagine what it means to have access to over 223,000 people across 157 countries? This is a benefit that PwC offers to all of our employees around the world.

What this means is that you will be able to reach out to colleagues around the world and discover global best practices; share thought leaderships; work together to help clients solve problems; and keep up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge and trends.

Jeff Yuan Tax Partner
Sarah Zhu Assurance Senior Associate

"To me, 'Unlock the world' is about the opportunities that PwC brings to me and everyone else. Each day, I have the opportunity to face new challenges, learn new things. I believe PwC can provide you with the same platform, I hope everyone will seize the opportunity and choose this platform."

-- Jeff Yuan, Partner, Tax

"Using a more common term, 'Unlock the world' means opening doors to the new world. Working at PwC, I get to know more people from all walks of life, and the conversations have also become more diverse. Therefore more inspirations would come when I’m creating. How I think about melodies now is very different to how I thought of it before."

-- Sarah Zhu, Senior Associate, Assurance

Building a global network

PwC offers you the opportunity to build a global network from over 223,000 people across 157 countries. By getting to work with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, you will learn about how our people work differently around the way they approach and resolve issues, develop new ideas and provide exceptional client service.

There are a number of ways where you can build this network, such as our internal knowledge sharing and social platform, global projects, secondment opportunities and many more.

“PwC provided me the opportunity to relocate across the world to fulfil both my personal and career goals - I have always wanted to go back in Asia because all my family are here. More importantly, I see more opportunities in Hong Kong, which acts as a hub connecting the China Mainland market and the overseas market. All the managers and partners were very supportive of the move and the relocation support I received also made my relocation much easier.”

Ella Xu, Senior Associate, Deals, Transferred from PwC UK to PwC HK

Develop broad perspectives

We value people who think differently and bring new or interesting perspectives to the firm. We are dedicated to developing our people as well-rounded professionals. That said, we provide a range of opportunities for you to expand your experience beyond your current business unit, line of service, location or even with client offices through rotation and exchange programmes.

For example, you can work on projects in different industries, or where you collaborate with colleagues from other business units and lines of services. You can also look for secondment opportunities to work in other business units or locations whether it’s regional or international.

Macko Ma
Assistant Manager,
(Secondee from PwC Hong Kong to PwC Taiwan)
"I seconded to PwC Tainan for 3 months last year, to work on an audit project. Not only did this provided me with experience at working with teams from a different location, it also gave me a high-level view of an international company's audit procedures. Another memorable experience was spending my birthday in Tainan – no matter professional or personally, I have built great relationships which will last, and also developed different perspectives."