Shape the future
of global business

The world is changing, and we're changing with it. This is your chance to make a mark on the world and influence global business for generations to come.

Shape the future

At PwC, we've committed to changing the way the world's business is done for the better. We are proud to be partners with our clients as they lead and transform their respective industries -- for example, moving from ecommerce into banking. Things are moving faster than ever in this world -- and we hope that you will be part of it together with us.
You'll have the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges that truly matter. We're constantly evolving our business to cater to an evolving world.

Enlin Xue PwC Alumni Board Secretary & CFO,
Shanghai Fudan-zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Pavel Shen Assurance Associate

"To me, shape the future refers to the future impact that your current work will bring. You might not see much impact or benefit at this point of time. But there will be a day in the future, in a certain time and place, where you will realise the impact that your work has made."

-- Enlin Xue, Board Secretary & CFO, Shanghai Fudan-zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, PwC Alumni

“I hope that through PwC’s platform, I can build relationships with more clients, to be involved in more engagements, and build more connections. Then I can discover what I really want, and how my future would be. This step-by-step process is just like putting a puzzle of my future together."

-- Pavel Shen, Associate, Assurance

Your role in making an impact

The PwC purpose -- build trust in society and solve important problems -- is the core of what we do.
We're proud of the fact that what we do play a part in benefitting our larger community, whether in food supply and integrity, healthcare, technology, or other important areas of public interest.
Come join us in making an impact.

A wider cause and purpose

Giving back is an essential part of who we are and what we do. We provide a multitude of opportunities for our people to be engaged in community activities where they live and work. In FY2016, we collectively contributed 29,175 volunteer hours with 3,811 volunteers across our Greater China offices. Moreover, inclusive of partner and staff donations we donated a total of RMB 10,542,164 through the PwC Foundation to fund emerging solutions to society's greatest challenges in education and humanitarianism.
In a people survey in 2016, 84% of our staff have stated that they are satisfied with the actions that the firm is taking to be socially responsible, through supporting our community and charity organisations.